Luis Suarez


Hard one for a Liverpool fan to comment on but what the heck is wrong with Suarez? He is a top top player but he moments of madness just takes the shine off all the hard work he does, most of the time at least. Its bizarre!! I saw 2 of his 3 moments of madness live and its obvious that he does it on impulse when things are not going well for him. Some make mad tackles, some curse but this guy attacks his opponents with his teeth! Thats crazy!

I remember listening to a talk show over a local radio station where a psychologist spoke about how Suarez went through physc treatment after his attack on Ivanovic and also said that it’s totally useless and that he will do it again. Right on cue, he went for Giorgio Chiellini shoulder. He must have immediately got back to his senses and fell off like he was attacked instead.

While it’s no secret that he needs help i personally don’t think that it should be tolerated. He has been handed a nine international matches and four months of soccer-related activity for biting an opponent. Enough? No, it’s definitely not enough. He needs way more than he got and maybe given just one last chance. If he succumbs to the skin of his opponent, he should receive a lifetime ban.

Its time Liverpool as a club evaluated if they should keep Suarez and probably look for a replacement ASAP.

He is being watched by youngsters who idolize him and they for one should not think that its okay to retaliate the way Suarez has done. Its much much more than just a sport.


Brazil Protests


2014 is the year that Brazil, one of the worlds greatest football nation host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. You would think that the nation must be preparing to host the event but what we don’t hear too much about is the fact that Brazilians are not too happy about the fact that the nation is set to spend about 10 Billion . 193,946,886 is the population of the South American nation which is not exactly the most developed.

Why are Brazilians not happy?
Brazilians are taking to the largest cities this week in an effort to bring attention to poor public services, government corruption, and police violence.

It’s very legitimate, its basics that anyone should be fighting for in my opinion. Makes you wonder is it that important to host the world cup? Does the event supersede the basic needs of the nation?

There have been calls from Brazilians urging people not to come and support the World Cup in Brazil. Personally I don’t think that’s the best ask but i hope that the powers that run the country start focusing on what is most important .. Brazilians

For me, feels like deja vu ..

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