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CNN Freedom Project

This is a awesome effort by CNN, they launched a the CNN Freedom Project in attempt to stop modern day slavery. It starts with education and it with education everyone can do something about the issue. Here are some stats that you should know! ...Read More

The 98-Year-Old Female Judo Master

Here is one inspiring story about Keiko Fukuda who is a Judo Master from Japan who dedicated her life to martial art’s despite the resistance she got throughout her life. She could not go beyond the 5th degree black belt till lately when she became the only women in the world to ...Read More

Why You Should Donate Blood

I try to donate blood at least twice a year. While it saves lives and helps those who might need it, i had a friend who is a doctor who gave me a simple analogy which stuck in my head. The reason you service your car every 3-4 months is so that ...Read More

CNN Heroes of the Year 2010

This is by far my favourite award show, CNN Heroes calls for extrodinary people who have been doing great things in thr background to bring them to the front and to recognize their awesome work. I had the opportunity to watch one of the heroes sometime back and started following them since. ...Read More

Women Of The Year

A little something for all our Fridays! TGIF! ...Read More