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Windows 8 Developer Preview is now available

The new Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has mad the Developer Preview of the new OS available for all to download. Time to take out the old notebook or desktop to test out what might be the next windows variation to come out. There are some min system requirement : 1 gigahertz ...Read More

FIFA 2010 Free Download

If you are a fan EA Sports FIFA , you can now play a demo version of the game before deciding if you want to purchase the full version or not. Below are the new features of the latest edition and the download link are below. ...Read More


Symbian^3 (pronounced Symbian three) is the second open version of the Symbian platform. It extends Symbian^2 in many ways, including graphics support for advanced layering and effects, full HDMI support for a great television playback experience and improved data performance – ideal for streaming high definition audio and video. httpv:// The update which is ...Read More

Firefox 3.5

The latest version of the faster and more secure version of firefox 3.5 is out! Some Features 1. Private browsing 2. Performance improvements. Really!! Read here and here and test it out for yourself. 3. Support for HTML 5, CSS 3 and other cutting edge web technologies. 4. Support for open video and open ...Read More

Firefox 3.5

There is going to be a brand new update to the Firefox browsers. The current version 3.0.11 ‘s clock is slowly running out and the new 3.5 will be released soon! So whats new in the latest version? httpv:// Test drive the new version with the RC Version ...Read More