Windows 8

Its official, Windows 8 will be available to consumers on the 26th October 2012 , announced Steven Sinofsky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that customers will be able to get Windows 8 – whether in upgrade fashion or on a new PC.

This is going to be a very interesting upgrade. It’s a totally different Operating System that has been built from ground up. With the Metro User Interface, not only it is brand new .. It will look and feel different.

If you are holding up from buying a new PC because you are waiting for Win 8, you can actually go right ahead and Sign Up for Windows Upgrade Offer , you only need to pay $14.99 to upgrade to your Win 7 equivalent OS

Here are some of the Key Features that Win 8 will showcase :

Unifi Package Upgrade Offer

I have been happy with my internet speeds at home since i upgraded to unifi. I only have a 5MB connection which im happy about but always wondered what a 10mb or 20mb would feel like.

TM has launched a promo where you can upgrade your speed or even if you are on Streamyx and want to shift to the faster Unifi. 3 months free, looked pretty good at a glance so like every offer, there is the Terms that you MUST read before signing up

So what happens is, just say you have a 5MB and want to upgrade to 10MB? You still pay the RM149 that you are paying for the first 3 months upon the new speed getting activated. You only pay the new charges on the 4th month onward’s. If im reading it right (probably should call to clarify this), your contract will be refreshed to another 24months.

If that works for you, its a pretty decent offer!

Offer valid until 30th June 2012.

Maxis : Automatic Data Upgrades

Maxis are currently upgrading their data packages for current users. I’m not sure of the various upgrades but both my wife and I have been upgraded to slightly better packages. It’s perfect timing for us, with the recent iOS 5 upgrades our data usage has increased and i found myself reaching or passing the limit with one week to go to my next billing cycle.

Our Upgrades 

Account 1
iValue 1 (iPhone) package. It was on a 500MB data for RM50.
Upgraded to 1GB for NO Extra Cost

Account 2
Regular 500MB data package for RM58
Upgraded to 1.5GB for No Extra Cost

Since account 1 got only a 500MB compared to a 1GB upgrade for account 2, i decided to call to check and apparently maxis has drawn up a new data to cost package, this upgrade of 1 GB is given to those who were with paying RM58 for 500MB ONLY.

I’m not complaining, not too sure if it’s the most competitive but i give props to Maxis for this automatic upgrade.