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Jaguh Kampung

If you are a regular on my blog, you surely know that im a supporter of our national badminton team. Personally i felt that this installment of the Thomas Cup, we had the best...


Bahrain F1 , Lotus Finish Race

Both Kovalainen and Jarno Trulli made a clean start and Kovailanen finished the team’s first ever Grand Prix in 15th place. Both Virgin and Hispania failed to finish the race as all four cars...


Astro Sports Package Price Hike!

I received a letter from Astro today informing me of the new price of the Astro Sports package and its gone up!! I currently subscribe to the Astro Family Package(default) ,Variety, Learning & Sports...


Hicks Got the Hick-up’s

Liverpool co-owner apparently is in a financial hot soup! The Texas Rangers owner who has some massive problem in the MLB team so much so the governing body has to step in to loan...


Malaysian Sports Chanel

There has been much debate of the lack of coverage of Malaysian sports on tv. Yes we have a Malaysian version of Sportscenter on ESPN but thats not enough…apparently.  By end of this year,...

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