Social Media & Privacy

Do you think that your privacy is the top of the agenda for the likes of Facebook and other social networks? More and more people throw a fuss about their privacy but they still end up using the service. The fact is that it’s a free service and every and anyone that is on it has an option of using or not.

Advantages outweighs the disadvantages so i think users need to be mindful of privacy issues and take care of your own well-being!

Social Media Stats : Malaysia

Here are some interesting Social Network stats by Burson-Marsteller that covered most of the Asia Pacific region but i grabbed was looking at the Malaysian stats amongst others :

Didnt expect to see Metacafe up there together with the most visited sites! And its funny how Malaysiakini is “Mainstream Media” now 😉


Inbox 2

Inbox2 is a premium connected lifestyle application that brings communication – and the people you communicate with – into a single, synchronized application that is accessible everywhere. The innovative email platform allows you to plug-in your existing email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange) or any custom IMAP/POP3 accounts and social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Hyves, Yammer, Twitter) in one application.

I downloaded the desktop client and used it and it is pretty neat! Having the few social networks and emails saves me browser space and a single application taking care of it all!

Download inbox2