MAS & AirAsia Co Sponsor QPR

Here’s something interesting. After Tony Fernandes toke over QPR, i noticed that the QPR kit did not have a sponsor on it. The obvious was that AirAsia would be appeared on the QPR shirts but i have a niggling feeling that MAS (Malaysian Airlines) might be the dark horse to brace the London club, this was of course after the recent announcement that AirAsia owners were in a stock swap with AirAsia taking 20% stocks in MAS with MAS getting 10% stocks in the national carrier.

And looks like i was right, well .. Partly at least!

In a announcement today MAS will appear on the QPR home kit and AirAsia will appear on the away and 3rd kit.

Having 2 different sponsors is a first for any Premier League team and im not surprised with this move as Tony Fernendes has been on a roll with his actions.

Malaysia Airlines’ Executive Director, Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, said: “Malaysia Airlines, or more commonly known by our acronym MAS, is elated to be associated with QPR’s ascendancy to the Premier League.

Our sponsorship of the home jersey of QPR, together with Air Asia’s sponsorship of the away jersey, is a first for the Premier League. It also celebrates MAS’s recent collaboration framework with Air Asia.

The Malaysian interest in British Football increases further with this sponsorship and something tells me this is not the end.

Anson Wong Arrested!


SEPANG: A man, believed to be international wildlife trader Anson Wong, has been detained at the KL International Airport following the seizure of more than 90 snakes from various species

Okay now you may have heard of him or not but just to give you a glimpse of how big this guy is , He is known as the Pablo Escobar of the wildlife trade . He has been convicted of trafficking in highly-endangered species by the US government in 2001 after a three-year probe by its Fish and Wildlife Services

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MAS Launches “Stimulus Package”

maspromos-april15Malaysian airlines have launched their own “Stimulus Package” The stimulus package is a campaign that offers deals to travel at a affordable rate, in English.. To compete with AirAsia

In order to offer best value in air travel, Malaysia Airlines has launched its “MAS Stimulus Package” today which has nine deals covering first, business and economy class

“In just slightly over a month, sales for Grab-A- Deal and Balik Kampung have hit more than RM17.5 million – RM12 million for Grab-A- Deal, and more than RM5.5 million for Balik Kampung. That’s incredible considering the economic situation we are in. This shows that if you give the public what they want — they will travel,” Jala said.

The other deals in the “MAS stimulus package” launched today are Premium Match, Business Companion, Economy +, Weekend Getaway, Kids Fly Free, MHFlex 1+1 and 80 per cent discount domestic/Asean.

Check out the offers at the MAS website