The 98-Year-Old Female Judo Master

Here is one inspiring story about Keiko Fukuda who is a Judo Master from Japan who dedicated her life to martial art’s despite the resistance she got throughout her life. She could not go beyond the 5th degree black belt till lately when she became the only women in the world to receive a 10th degree black belt.

Passion and perseverance does pay!

Watch the below clip from the upcoming doc Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful, which profiles the life of 98-year-old judo master Keiko Fukuda. Her destiny down the path of judo was set two generations before her, and in 1934 (at age 21) she begantraining (this was during the final time of the Samurai). Keiko is also the last living member of Kano, the founder of judo. She gave up marriage, family, and Japanese citizenship to pursue a life practicing judo, and it paid off: She’s the only woman in the world to receive a 10th-degree black belt.

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Honest Japanese Return $78 Million in Cash

In the five months since the disaster struck, people have turned in thousands of wallets found in the debris, containing $48 million in cash. More than 5,700 safes that washed ashore along Japan’s tsunami-ravaged coast have also been hauled to police centers by volunteers and search and rescue crews. Inside those safes officials found $30 million in cash. One safe alone, contained the equivalent of $1 million.

This is spectacular! Imagine that, the money that was found was returned to the police who then tracked down the owners and returned the belongings back to them. In a time when people have lost pretty much their life’s work and have nothing left, getting back some of their money back will surely help them get back on their foot again. Its brilliant!

I know for sure that this would have NOT been the case if it happened else where. There is hope for humanity after all!


Source : ABC

Levitation, The New Planking?

These are some awesome images from teenager Natsumi Hayashi has an odd, but incredibly fascinating hobby – she takes photographs of herself jumping, until she gets a perfectly clear shot that looks like she’s levitating. If you are interested to know how she does it, read THIS


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