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How Refugee’s Are Handled In Malaysia

After the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced plans to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia for processing as part of a refugee exchange deal. There have been much attention to the details on how these asylum seekers are handled in Malaysia. It’s no small task and its a huge matter that ...Read More

Suarakami Concert : Nelly Drama

Last night, 17th of September was the Suarakami Concert which was held at Stadium Merdeka. This concert which featured in the infamous Malaysian Boy song amongst a host of local and International artist. There was an eventful concert indeed with the PM making a surprise visit from a invitation on twitter. One ...Read More

Harimau Malaya : Malaysia 2 Hong Kong 0

Looks like our Harimau Malaya are keeping with the momentum of the post Suzuki Cup but winning their 1st international friendly match against Hong Kong which was player on the 9th of Feb at the Shah Alam Stadium. The 2-0 scoreline was thanks to goals by Safiq Rahim (Captain) and Mohd Amirulhadi ...Read More

Top 10 Brands In 2009

The list of the top brands for 2009 is out! No big surpises from the 2008 list but saw the move by Google from last previous year’s 10th spot to the 7th spot. And a few up’s and down’s from the other big boys from the list. The list is compiled by ...Read More

MAS Launches “Stimulus Package”

Malaysian airlines have launched their own “Stimulus Package” The stimulus package is a campaign that offers deals to travel at a affordable rate, in English.. To compete with AirAsia In order to offer best value in air travel, Malaysia Airlines has launched its “MAS Stimulus Package” today which has nine deals covering ...Read More