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KFC Secret Recipe Revealed

Remember the secret recipe from KFC which they advertised of having 11 herbs and spices? Guess what, the cats outta the bag! Check this out -> So there you have it! Try it out...


How To Control Volume on Byond

I have probably made about 10 calls to Astro to check on how on earth to control the volume using my astro byond remote control but never have i had a fix. There was...


Biggest Looser Asia Season 2

Season 2 of the Biggest Looser Asia is now open for auditions. Head over to the Official Website to fill in the online form and submit your audition tapes. If you are over weight and have...



ESPN HD is now live on Astro! This means we can now watch the BPL games on HD! Brilliant The Byond offering now stands at 5 channels, 2 on the learning suite, 2 on...


15 Malaysia : Halal

Latest 15Malaysia video featuring Adibah Noor in a very silly slapstick comedy demonstrating the proper Islamic way to slaughter chicken. Its hilarious! Now you know the halal way! I love the Chinese aunty in...

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