Lemon Juice


Lemon, im slowly learning how try to eat/drink healthy. When you hit your 30’s.. metabolism slows down and your body starts dropping huge hints that you should buck up or else! Yea, a real threat that you should take very seriously..

So i came across an article which wrote about how good lemons are and what it can do. Now the norm would be nice hot cup of coffee isn’t it? Well you know what they say about food that taste awesome! If it taste great, it’s probably not good for you. Now this is what coffee does, it damages your endocrine system and inhibits your fat burning potential. Caffeine raises your cortisol levels – which can cause you to store fat, age prematurely, give you wrinkles and much more.

What does the lemon do for you?

  • Enhances Mood
  • Freshens Breath
  • Makes you skinny

Here is a video that explains it all!


Source : Fitlife.tv

Anna Hazare

My colleagues told me about Anna Hazare and what he did for the largest democrasy in the world and i had to find out more about this strong and selfless Indian national who went on a campaign to remove corruption off government agencies which has been the huge blemish for the 2nd largest population for a long time now.

The biggest scandal involves charges that rule violations during a 2007-08 grant of telecoms licences may have cost the government as much as $39 billion (£24 billion) in lost revenue. The then-telecoms minister has been forced to resign and has been arrested.

What did Mr.Hazare do?  Read More

Japan Speed Recovery

The gigantic earth quake and tsunami that ravaged Japan on the March 11 send shock waves around the world and many were wondering how the nation was going to recover from this disaster. Latest images from Great Kanto Highway in Naka where a highway literary was torn to pieces is as good as new, 6 days after the quake.

This what the Japanese are made off! Fantastic and i surely hope that they recover at this pace and get back to their foot sooner than later.

We pray for you Japan

Source: Daily Mail