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Lemon Juice

Lemon, im slowly learning how try to eat/drink healthy. When you hit your 30’s.. metabolism slows down and your body starts dropping huge hints that you should buck up or else! Yea, a real...


Anna Hazare

My colleagues told me about Anna Hazare and what he did for the largest democrasy in the world and i had to find out more about this strong and selfless Indian national who went...


Japan Speed Recovery

The gigantic earth quake and tsunami that ravaged Japan on the March 11 send shock waves around the world and many were wondering how the nation was going to recover from this disaster. Latest images from Great Kanto Highway in...


Google Instant – Now in Malaysia!

Google Instant, a new way of searching that makes search more interactive and helps you find information more quickly and easily is now available in Malaysia! Try opening a Google Page and typing in...


Quick Weight Lost Tips

This is a easy routine if you want to loose weight and gain some of those muscles you always wanted. Its not the way to gain it proper but pretty good! Since it was...

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