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Hicks Got the Hick-up’s

Liverpool co-owner apparently is in a financial hot soup! The Texas Rangers owner who has some massive problem in the MLB team so much so the governing body has to step in to loan...


Dell Downsizing

PC hardware giant is downsizing! Once the most powerful pc maker in the world is shrinking and that includes here in Malaysia. Computer giant Dell is reducing its global workforce, including the 5,000 workers...


The Economy..Wrong Signals

I read a nice article by Tengku Zafrul today which i think gives us a indication of how the economy is doing in a nutshell. Business owners are worried of their survival, companies are...


The Greatest Depression

There is a reason its called the depression. Its going to be depressing!! Analyst thinks that its going to be horrible but for some reason the Malaysian government seems to think we are bullet...

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