Hicks Got the Hick-up’s

hicksLiverpool co-owner apparently is in a financial hot soup! The Texas Rangers owner who has some massive problem in the MLB team so much so the governing body has to step in to loan him the money to pay his high earning MLB stars.

This for sure has a indirect effect on the Reds who are on the up and finished their season merely points from the eventual champions Manchester United. Maybe its time for the American to cash in on his investment to someone with a bit more financial muscle to run the club.

Fans are still waiting to see the new stadium, the big name signings and the owners giving the manager the support he needs to challenge the Champions and the chasing pack. With teams like Manchester City with their new found wealth and Aston Villa who have done well in the equation to challenge, things on the field will only get harder.

This is not good for the team! Hopefully he comes clean with his situation to the Reds and gets the matter clarified so that the team can go on with matters on the field instead on this lingering issues!

Dell Downsizing


PC hardware giant is downsizing! Once the most powerful pc maker in the world is shrinking and that includes here in Malaysia.

Computer giant Dell is reducing its global workforce, including the 5,000 workers at its plants in Malaysia.

A company spokesman said a voluntary separation scheme (VSS) offer has been made across the board to its operations here. Dell has three Malaysian centres, comprising two manufacturing facilities in Bayan Lepas and Bukit Tengah in Penang, and a business centre in Cyberjaya.

IT and manufacturing is being hit hard and it seems like it might get worst. There might be further tightening which means more may get the cut.While the signs are evident, some are still in denail that Malaysia is effected by this global crisis. Please get up and address the problem the way it should be!

Source : TheSun

The Economy..Wrong Signals


I read a nice article by Tengku Zafrul today which i think gives us a indication of how the economy is doing in a nutshell. Business owners are worried of their survival, companies are down sizing and people are getting taken drastic measures to survive. On the other hand, we are getting mixed signals from the government claiming that our economy is doing ok and we are not as effected as the rest of the world!

I think all Malaysians need to be empowered with more information and told the truth. There must be precautions rather than cure later. Read the superb article on Tengku Zafrul’s blog