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Time to Fine Litter-Bugs?

Litter-Bugs are like culture for Malaysians. How many times have you seen a piece of tissue flying out of the car in front of you. Or a can being thrown to the side of...


Kesh-ed Out

Articles on the Star & NST on thr drama that happened at the Subang Jaya is anything to go by, the local coucilors are not getting enough to do. Tempers were flaring all over...


Zulkifli Noordin is Back!

The riding Mp is back and he apparently was away on “personal matters”. The matter was handled by Dr Syed Husin,deputy president of PKR. Excerpts from the star Like this:Like Loading…


Babi Who?

Ironic isn’t it? Chants of China Babi was heard lately in a demonstration outside a certain bar council. Click image to enlarge Image from Malaysia-Today via NormanFernandez Like this:Like Loading…

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