Time to Fine Litter-Bugs?

spotter1Litter-Bugs are like culture for Malaysians. How many times have you seen a piece of tissue flying out of the car in front of you. Or a can being thrown to the side of the road after being consumed? There was a article in the papers of how DBKL was hitting out at party goers who messed up the streets after a massive Christmas Eve celebration.

DBKL very rightly pointed out that it was every-one’s right to party and have a good time moreover its the holiday season and those who fancy partying will let their hair down and release some steam. But what ever reason, it needs to be done with some sence of responsibility. Read More

Kesh-ed Out

Articles on the Star & NST on thr drama that happened at the Subang Jaya is anything to go by, the local coucilors are not getting enough to do. Tempers were flaring all over the place when a councilor Keshminder questioned why the ADUN of Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh on where she was seated! Yeap, thats right…Where she was seated!! Read More