Chrome : Resume From Where You Left Off

You can resume from where you left off on your browser using Chrome! How cool is that! So now if you are reading a piece online have to run off, you can shut down your browser and when you are back .. Boot up your chrome browser and you continue from where you left off..


Locate “On startup” group and select “Continue where I left off”.





Works like magic!

How to get new Youtube Homepage

YouTube is testing a fresh new design for their homepage which is not launched to the public yet but i found it rather cool and wanted to get my hands on it. Moritz Tolxdorff,  who is on Google+ figured out a way to get the new design by tricking a related cookie. Very cool indeed!

You can get it done on your Chrome Browser ;

1. Open
2. Press Ctrl + Shift and J in Chrome to open the Developer Tools.
3. In Chrome, click on the “Console” Tab, paste the below code and hit enter.

Your Done! , Hit F5 to refresh the page and you are in this new design.