How To Choose Your Tattoo’s

Many people talk about having tattoo’s and how cool it is. Some have butterflies, some have dragons, some have names and the list goes on. I have a few myself and each of my tattoo’s mean something to me and that calls for the need to ink myself with these images. What i havent done very well is linking them together in a way which looks awesome together.

I checked out Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) who has a awesome tattoo on his left arm. Little did i know that each and every detail had soo much meaning to it.

Check it out ->

A) These are coconut leaves, or niu, which denote a Samoan chief-warrior.
B) This is the sun which brings good fortune.
C) This isa/ga fa’atasi (three people in one), That’s me with my arms open. As it continues on my chest, it connects to my o lo’u to’a/ua (my wife, Dany) and my o lo’u afafine (my daughter, Simone Alexandra).
D) These descending swirls represent past, present and future, with the future becoming ever bigger. The pattern continues under my arm, where its meaning is written: “It changes in the place where it is found to be gone.”
E) These two eyes, called o mata e lua, represent my ancestors watching over my path.
F) This is the Great Eye, It’s an intimidating symbol that allows its user to possess the spirit of his enemy. The eye is used to distract the enemy in a confrontation.
G) This broken face, marked by shark teeth—a symbol of strength—is my spirit protector and a symbol of my struggle.
H) This is the priest and spiritual guide, who raises a warrior to enlightenment and supernatural power under the eyes of the warrior’s ancestors.
I) These are stones of achievement and abundance. They’re the foundation of my life and symbols of my dedication. They bring the right to stand and speak with honor as a Tula Fale—a high talking chief—and they maintain mana, or supernatural power.
J) This is a tortoise shell, to deflect evil spirits. Warriors used shells as shields.



How about that! Just to remind you that it cost more to remove a tattoo and twice more painful. So if you are going to get one or add to a existing one, think and plan .. Its going to be there for your lifetime so take your time in deciding what you want to get.