9/11 Documentary

If you want to learn about 911 and what happened, this is one documentary that you have to watch. It is a long video but its very moving and i would consider this a must watch.

The last La Salle Brother Says Goodbye

paul0105NThe La Salle brothers have said goodbye to the very education institute that that they formed with the intention to educate. I always beleived that passion is the no 1 ingredient to be successful in anything that anyone does. The La Salle brothers had that in abundance and were out to educate the children of Malaysia.

I was part of this very institution from primary till secondary school and unfortunately was not part of this revolution as the locals started taking office. From the previous students, i was told how strict and dedicated in nuturing the students but i didnt see much of that from the precedesors of the brothers.

Brother Paul Ho, the last of La Salle’s brother principals in Malaysia, was given a grand send-off by staff and students of the St Xavier’s Institution (SXI) in Farquhar Street yesterday.

Brother Paul, who was the first local to serve as principal in the school’s 157-year history, retired on Friday after serving nearly 16 years at the school.

Thank you, La Salle brothers for your dedication and your vission in making the entire La Salle institution what it is today. Hopefully there will be more dedication, passion in the future that help builds quality future instead of just a future.

Source : The Star