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Syed Hamid’s World

When Spiderman first discovered his powers all he did was flaunt it! He was shooting webs everywhere, climbing walls & swinging from building to building. Then his grandfather told him that with great power...


Police Say The Darness Things

During the Bersih gathering at Amcorp Mall on Sunday 23 were arrested including a few Mp’s(opposition of course!), a priest and even a reporter from Malaysiakini. The interesting thing about this whole debacle was...


Bersih,Hindraf…Now what?

The month of November has been very eventful for us in Malaysia .We have witnessed 2 rallies,the Bersih rally and then the Hindraf one now where do we go from here? I’m a strong...


Watch it on Al-Jazeera on ‘101 East’

In responce to Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin’s responce of Al-Jazeera’s interview that the network did not get a view of a personal from the “rulling party” to be on the show covering the Bersih...

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