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When Spiderman first discovered his powers all he did was flaunt it! He was shooting webs everywhere, climbing walls & swinging from building to building. Then his grandfather told him that with great power comes great responsibility and he had to control his powers and he is responsible for his actions.

What did spidy do? He stopped F*&^in around with his powers and started to use it to help people and get the chick of his dreams(benefits of the jobs la).

But our home minister seems to be very amused with his new found powers and he is firing bloggers down,locking up bloggers and when he sees more than 10 people in a space, his boys are deployed to lock them out. It doesn’t matter if Superman,Cicakman or even Rocco was part of the crowd!

Anyway….i think he still hasnt had that chat with grandpa who tells him that with great power comes great responsibility and that he is and will be accountable for his actions. He has taken matters into his own hands and is firing away as he feels like it! Its like a kid who got his first water gun! FIRE at anything at sight and then claim that its only water whatttt!!!

I think that someone better have that long overdue chat with him before he pisses off too many people and something huge blows up that is not pretty to look at. There have been calls for his head but somehow i think that calls will be ignored however this could only spell trouble if not dealt with.

Oh, and if your wondering what he thinks about the Bersih gathering arrest , this what he thinks.

What are your thoughts?

Police Say The Darness Things

During the Bersih gathering at Amcorp Mall on Sunday 23 were arrested including a few Mp’s(opposition of course!), a priest and even a reporter from Malaysiakini. The interesting thing about this whole debacle was that the arrest was strategically chosen to take place when the crowd that were gathered started singing the nation anthem proudly!

There was a interesting paragraph out of a report which said :

Despite video evidence, Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar has denied that the police moved in on participants at a candlelight vigil last night while they were singing the national anthem.

Okay…next, watch the below video :

So were they arrested while the national anthem was being sung or??

I know lots of people who tend to speak like their mentor’s,boss,brothers or even close friends. Its all good when you pick up good habits but looks like the some bosses are just bad examples to start with!

I think our nation needs a super duper detol, clorox & DIDI 7 clean up before we get too filthy to clean up!!