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9/11 Documentary

If you want to learn about 911 and what happened, this is one documentary that you have to watch. It is a long video but its very moving and i would consider this a...


U.S. Carbon Emissions Exploded in 2010

In 2010, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States saw their largest absolute and percentage increase – 213 million metric tons or 3.9% – since 1988 when they rose by 218 metric tons...


Barack Obama Tweets

Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign announced today that the president himself would be updating his Facebook and Twitter accounts heading into 2012 Fantastic isnt it? Its always easy to get a few people to...



These are the 2 that are responsible for taking the club backwards. I pray and hope that they are not given the opportunity to gain control and sell as soon as possible. For the...


Fuck Censorship Changes His Name

Imagine if your name was “Fuck Cencorship”. What would you change your name too so that you have something more decent?? A King County District judge signed off on a petition last Friday from...

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