9/11 Documentary

If you want to learn about 911 and what happened, this is one documentary that you have to watch. It is a long video but its very moving and i would consider this a must watch.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Exploded in 2010

In 2010, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States saw their largest absolute and percentage increase – 213 million metric tons or 3.9% – since 1988 when they rose by 218 metric tons or 4.6%, according to data released today by the U.S. Energy Information Administration

The world economy is the first example. Spending more than you have kills you and pulls pretty much everyone else around you since you are a super power. Now this? Well America, i sure hope you become more sensitive to the rest of the world , we share this planet and if you decide to destroy it, we go down with you as well.

World leaders better pay attention to these details, intangible but its the outcome can be detrimental

Source : Forbes 

Barack Obama Tweets

Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign announced today that the president himself would be updating his Facebook and Twitter accounts heading into 2012

Fantastic isnt it? Its always easy to get a few people to manage your twitter or any social platform that represents people of authority, understandably with the other important matters taht they have to handle its not something of the highest priority. Some may argue that its because of his re-election campaign.

What i like best is how they are transparent about tweets that are generated by his team and how they have given clear indications that tweets from the man himself will be marked as “BO”. This simple step goes a long way in my view and shows great leadership and how interested he is!

Leaders from all over the world ought to learn from him i feel.

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