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Arsenal 0 Liverpool 2

Amazingly this is Liverpool’s first win at the Arsenal for 11 years! The perfect season to end the hodoo with Kenny Daliglish new look Liverpool side. When you have players like Suarez and Meireles starting on the bench you know that you have a good team with strength in depth. To be ...Read More

Bersih Stories – From Ground Zero

I hope you have not been gathering your info from the mainstream because so far its been absolutely rubbish. The reporting is distorted and the kind of manipulation that i see its crazy! I did not get the opportunity to go for the rally, i wasnt feeling too well but i have ...Read More

Harimau Malaya : Malaysia 2 Hong Kong 0

Looks like our Harimau Malaya are keeping with the momentum of the post Suzuki Cup but winning their 1st international friendly match against Hong Kong which was player on the 9th of Feb at the Shah Alam Stadium. The 2-0 scoreline was thanks to goals by Safiq Rahim (Captain) and Mohd Amirulhadi ...Read More

Liverpool 2 United 0

Liverpool FC 2 Manchester United 0! After a 4 game loosing streak, the Reds bounced back with a good win against the Devils. Im glad that the team has bounced back with a performance against the defending champions and hopefully get their season underway. I think its going to be a very ...Read More