Vote For Logan!

Vote For Logan!


This years Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor is here! This contest chooses the most eligible bachelor of the year from a list of gentlemen from around the country. This year my friend Logan has been nominated to the contest and he is effectively now in the final 50! I don’t have details on the voting process yet but the finals details are below:

CLEO’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2008 Bash
Date : 25 April 10.00pm
Venue : Zouk (Ampang,KL)
Cost : RM35 (guys, inclusive of 1 drink), RM30 (ladies, inclusive of 1 drink), RM20 (guys and ladies, inclusive of 1 drink, before 12am), admission is by CLEO invite before 12midnight

More information will be posted as they become available. Meanwhile…..


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  1. alanbernard · 19 March, 2008 Reply

    He’s got my vote “dei”! Now someone tell me where to buy shirts like that. hehe.

  2. Raja · 19 March, 2008 Reply

    Holy cow!!!!! way to go logan :D
    He’s got my vote as well

  3. Jacqueline · 20 March, 2008 Reply


  4. Bonnie · 20 March, 2008 Reply

    Boy !!! Way to go… Don’t he just look so sexy !! He’s got my vote..

  5. samasir · 20 March, 2008 Reply

    Go Logan,..go Logan =)

  6. Claudine · 21 March, 2008 Reply

    WAH……… You go BOY..

  7. Dionne · 21 March, 2008 Reply

    Sheesh.. Last place I would expect to see your mug…

    Congratulations on your nomination.. Maybe I’ll get some hot girlfriends and go for the preview and scream your name.. Bet you’d like that! ;p

    Good luck!

  8. mellowed blues · 21 March, 2008 Reply

    What the hell, where was I when this happened? Congrats on the nominations, except who nominated you?

    Logan!!! Kick some ass!

  9. priyanka · 22 March, 2008 Reply

    hey guys vote for afshin he is soooooooooooooooooooo wow…..
    he is gonna kick everyones ass..

  10. lisa · 22 March, 2008 Reply

    he is the man we love you afshin….muahhh

  11. samasir · 24 March, 2008 Reply

    afshin?? You up to something..

    Focus ladies..we talkin Logan-iLo here.

  12. leela · 24 March, 2008 Reply

    helo bro..logan!oh my god…wat r u up2 getin urslf in cleos 50 most eligible?over confidence is it…u girls out thr defintly knw who my vote goes to..AFSHIN(one sexy,gorgeous and sweet bloke)

  13. Ipoh Girl · 24 March, 2008 Reply

    Logan.. i voted for you. Just cos you’re Abi’s friend.

  14. Ohkulala · 25 March, 2008 Reply

    i hope logan goes for in the competition. All the best to him :)

  15. Logan · 26 March, 2008 Reply

    Thank you for you support guys. My friend nominated me it was a bet between friends who will get it.Didn’t expect i would get in thought so im just being a sport and going along with it.

  16. vivien · 30 March, 2008 Reply

    surprised that you’re into this. anyway, i’m sure there’s already a huge group of supporters. and you bet, i’ll be one of them.

    (tho i know u don’t belong to the “category”. kakaka!)

    congrats dei!

  17. anonymous · 1 April, 2008 Reply

    u got the deets wrong…

    Pls refer below…

    CLEO’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2008
    The Bachelor Bash
    Date : 25 April 7.30pm
    Venue : Zouk (Ampang,KL)


  18. Logan · 7 April, 2008 Reply

    Well the bachelor preview was held last week Sat those who came to support me thank you very much.It was quite fun event beside its a once in a lifetime experience. Those who came all had free invites so cantik laa. If all of yall can make it to party on 25th would be even nice. Thanks again guys.

  19. Andy · 7 April, 2008 Reply

    Well i went for the preview most of the guys don’t look like what the pictures in the magazine showed.Most of the look better in person then in the pictures and some were bad laa. Example the Afsin guys some girls were oooiing an druling about looks like a junkie in person and not like what the pic showed so girl you got cheated haha.

  20. Jun · 7 April, 2008 Reply

    Guys & Girls,

    The website for voting is up please go in there at the top right corner you can see vote the subsidiary title. Go in there and vote for our Bachelor 27 in all categories so at least we can make sure he wins one of the titles. Spread the news to all friends to vote for him and don’t miss out on voting for Logan our very own Bachelor No 27. Proud of you Logan wohooooooo.

  21. Abiramee · 11 April, 2008 Reply


  22. derek · 17 August, 2008 Reply

    Real deal my ass.. He cannot even reach the bollywood indians.. Nothing special about his looks… duh… must be all friends leaving those overatted remarks..

  23. ar · 17 August, 2008 Reply

    They are all friends man :)

  24. danny yee tuck seng · 22 May, 2009 Reply

    go back home lah…and sleep..why are you appearing in the cleo mag…what a shame…work hard in your career and get a life gay boy….

  25. danny yee tuck seng · 22 May, 2009 Reply

    one more thing i have forgotten..he look so mummy boy and go back and be with your mummy…having to say taht…you are out out out…and dont come back to join modelling company..ppl will puke eventually only those tastless girls,gays or ladies will like you…other than that please get yourself far away as possible…lord..have mercy on our souls….

  26. danny yee tuck seng · 31 December, 2009 Reply

    hello..botak boy…go back g back and never dream of becoming a model…go back and work and get a good life for not pretend that you are rest assured of your talents and to be honest…you dont have what i meant…stupid….

  27. danny yee tuck seng · 19 January, 2010 Reply

    I cant stand it anymore…to be honest i like to sleep with logan…his dick must be very big and huge…i wanted to lick your taht alrite…you may say that i am crazy but seriously..i love sex more than anything else….all hail gay sex..

  28. danny yee tuck seng · 20 January, 2010 Reply

    To be honest…i want to sleep with logan so much..i am honest and really am honest..i tasted many foods( man ) before but i never tasted a chocolate man does it taste…i want you logan…email me and make an appointment with me…i will surely gve you pleasure and am sincere about it…or else log in to friendster at name is danny yee tuck seng and some said i look like jay chou…i like you man…

  29. anthony Chong Kim Chuang · 22 January, 2010 Reply danny..what a comment….i love to meet you up and have sex with you…surely you love my huge dick…i saw your pics iat friendster and am sure taht you like me…as i am a gay too….can we come out and suck each other dick…i really like you man…although i am skinny..but i am a die hard fans of gay porn and gay sex….sex for life…lets masturbate for life…

  30. anthony Chong Kim Chuang · 29 January, 2010 Reply

    all hail gay sex for life…..hey mr danny y dunt you call me?? i left my number on the friendster mail… i am dying to suck your dick…email me for further info at…i love gay sex and it is really nourishing….i can wait to consume your semen….

  31. anthony Chong Kim Chuang · 17 February, 2010 Reply

    hey chocolate latte got some info from the girls that you slept with and they said yor cock really huge and almost stabbed their vagina to death..can you dick go into my asshole…i love to taste black chocolate…i have a big dick too and it is really is 14cm long and people say when i have anal sex with makes them high like mad…i even love to shoot at them with my long dick…my semen is tasty..yummy…do you know what..i am not afraid to say that i am a gay who loves sex for life..eveyday,,i masturbate looking at those porn pictures…but one thing for sure…gazing at your makes my dick erect even fast and makes me wanted to masturbate ten times a day without fail…please dont abandon me logan…will you have sex with me please at 0167618069 or come and find me at topshop pavlion….i may pretend that i dont you or pretend that nothing too place…but deep inside my heart and my pound faster..i even slept with my staff who happen to look cute…in the storeroom…i fuck with them…wow…

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