You now can make your Windows XP look like the new Windows 7 that is code named Windows Vienna. This means you can have you XP to look like the OS that is due to be launched in a couple of years time.

The Vienna Transformation Pack transforms the following things in Windows XP so that it can look like Windows Vienna:

* Vienna Wallpaper
* Vienna Bootscreen
* Vienna Shell Styles
* Vienna Sounds
* Vienna Login Screens
* Vienna Cursors
* Vienna Explorer

The transformation pack is not quite perfect yet, users will have to install all the individual components separately for now, the developer though has promised a new installer that will take care of the installation process soon.

But for all those who want to get the look of Windows Vienna for Windows XP, you can go ahead and read the installation instructions for each component.

Download Vienna Transformation Pack
[Vienna Home Page]

Source : Techie Buzz

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