I subscribe to the streamyx 1MB line and pay RM88(excluding the phone line rental,which i dont use) and this is the kind of speeds that i get. Am i getting ripped off or what?

Streamyx giving you real peace of mind? Maybe the beginners deserve a shot eh!

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4 thoughts on “Streamyx Speedometer

  1. Yes, you are getting ripped off. TM will refund your money too if you apply. I have done so in the past in my old place & been successful.

    Note that I am getting consistent 1.5Mbps on my 1Mbps line. Admittedly it’s a new condo so it should be good. In fact there is fibre-to-the-door so when HSBB comes in we should be one of the first to get switched over.

  2. Thanks Aina. n friends..

    I,ve brought up my case to streamyx and they promise to refund me…And also i,ve to downgrade my speed originally from 1Mbps to 512Kbps since they can’t give a
    1Mbps line in my area..still my speed is 125 Kbps…even one primary school nearby had to use two 512Kbps line..How slow it is n yet they promo their 4Mbps speed…What are they doing???

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