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With all the drama happening here im sure you receive heaps of Emails and SMS’s about the latest development, some are very insightful and some are pure instigating.This is one i received and I think its pretty good and I decided to share it with YOU!

Since the end of the F1 07 season there was nothing exciting to look forward to, for me anyway since I’m not much of a footie fan but Malaysia have come up with a new bright idea with street march and the race is to see which one creates the biggest impact thanks to the “Best Government in the World” and the smartest PM in the world(i wonder what is his IQ level at, probably Mensa will have a though time to come up with a new category cause he should be slightly higher than Mr. E=MC2).

 There is gonna be 2 more street marches coming soon to your streets near you. One is the Bar Council March and the other the Anti Toll Hike protest. Solution by the G…….What else… bring back ISA into full force lah…..and everyone is happy and problem solved!!!!!

Some of our achievements to date since Merdeka….Merdeka….Merdeka….(we must always repeat 3x when we say it cause it takes time for our politicians to register in their head):-

We r ranked 50th in terms GDP/revenue in the world………..just 5 places behind Argentina(country which a few years back went bust), just 25 places behind Shell Group, just 24 places behind Bapak-bapak kami and cewek2 dari Indonesia but a grocery store………Carrefour is only 17 places behind our great nation!!

these r some of our other rankings based on World Audit:-

Topics Range Ranking
World Democracy Audit overall ranking 1-150 85
Political Rights 1-7 4
Civil Liberties 1-7
Press Freedom 0-150 112
Corruption 0-145 32

but the Global/World Corruption perceptive index ranks us as 44th on being least!!! how dare they!!!….maybe one of our scholars who happens to be our ministers must take this up before the “Erection” comes.

But we must be very proud with the latest achievement

We have recently been declared No.1

For being the country with the highest growth of carbon emission at 221% since 1990……What an achievement………..

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