I was at Batu Caves on Thaipusam day to pay homage while watching some kavadi‘s. I personally think that Batu Caves has one of the best Thaipusam celebrations so its nice to go there at least once a year. Lucky for me, it was not as crowded as previous years so i could watch the kavadi’s and enjoy the festivities.

On little part that bothered me was the trash! The whole place was a royal mess with trash piling up all over the place .Have a look at this image which is right outside the temple!

img_2303With millions coming to Batu Caves one would expect some trash but the amount that i saw was beyond a acceptable level!! But then while walking around i realized something else, THERE WERE NO TRASH CANS! So even if someone wanted to throw their trash, where do they throw it??Before expecting people to throw their trash into a bin, there needs to be a bin in the first place isn’t it?

Then i saw this article today :

From April 1, first-time offenders will pay $300 – or $100 more – for failing to dispose of small items such as cigarette butts, car parking coupon tabs and sweet wrappers in litter bins.

Singapore has the reputation of being a fine city. There is a fine for everything!! Personally i think its a good thing, that’s the only way to stop people from throwing their trash all over the place, dig into their pockets! While we are whining about recycling and how its important, lets get our act together and educate everyone that trash belong to a trash can and if it doesn’t go into a trash can, punish!!

It starts at policy level before anything else if you want real change and i hope that sooner rather than later, there is some sort of enforcement in place to make the place we live in a cleaner place. So what if we are known to be a fine city??

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