Another Indian boy has died under the police custody. How he died?

He had asked for a glass of water and threw up after drinking, then collapsed. The policemen present immediately summoned a doctor from a nearby clinic to examine Kugan, who was pronounced dead minutes later.

Source – TheStar

The family stormed into the mortuary to have a look at the deceased and :

Foul play? Cover Up? Conspiracy?

All i know is im sick to the stomach that this kind of episodes are happening in our back yard? So if those who are supposed to protect us cant be trusted, where do we go?

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Your Thoughts?

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35 thoughts on “How did A. Kugan Die?

  1. after ive watch this video, i feel reli sorry for the family and im farking angry of the police rite now! How could they beaten up the youth till like dat…. we are HUMAN. Indians are HUMAN and Chinese are HUMANS as well! fark…. if im there, i gonna beat up the police. Darn, how could this thing happen in malaysia. i reli cant believe it, there are too many foul play in the states!

  2. Afther i saw this video, i fell the humanity in malaysia died and the malaysian police are abusing their power. I also wish that the 5 hindrad indian herose who detain under isa where here to fight for their rigth, especial P.Uthaya Kumar who also the captain of Police Watch(NGO). I also hope selangor goverment will take some action agains the police who murder the detainee becouce 90% of selangor india who voted for them.

    1. Yea man! Something serious needs to be done. Its not a indian,chinese or malay issue! As far as im concern another Malaysian has been killed and it is the cops who are responsible for our safety that did this! We should all be colour blind to race and ethnicity and focus on a Malaysia for all Malaysians

  3. I hope The National Co-ordinator of PoliceWatch(NGO), Manikam(Kapar MP) and The National Co-ordinator of Hindraf, Thanindran, will protest for this and ask the athourity to take action. I wish the Bar Counsal interfear in this matter.

  4. Yea Man, all this happen becouse of Umno and syed amid albar give alot face to the police. Actually by the law police did not have the rite to hit anyone but have the rigth to give mind toucher. We must let them knoe the people power like what happen in indonesia. We must write a petition for the Word Human Rigth becouse malaysia Human rigth have no power. Today also they having a trike becouse of this. The AG of police also supporting his guys

  5. Any criminal undergoing interrogation will never speak out unless being tortured. If the police had asked Kugan politely, “Hi Mr. Kugan. Can you please tell us whereabouts of the stolen cars”, the 15 cars wouldnt have been recovered. So, some light tortures needed to make him tell the truth.

    Eventhough if Kugan is still alive and pleaded guilty, what would have he done? Serve some years in jail and come out. After that? Become Mahathma Gandhi? Haha… He might go back to his dark part of life. Number of criminals becoming innocent & good after released from jail is damn low.

    But polices’ mistake is torturing him till death. It could be unintentionally done. Could be a mistake. Police is not so stupid to jump into deep shit like this by killing a criminal. If they really wanted Kugan to die, they would have shot him at the time he never stop his car when chased by police. Police has the rights to shoot whoever flee away from police. But why they didn’t do? Just because they wanted Kugan to live.

    Actually police doesn’t care what race you are & whats your status in the society. All the criminals are being treated equally. For instance we can take Dato Seri Anwar as an example. What happened to him after he got arrested? Had been treated the same like other criminals.

    I would like to remind you all of one incident happened in Johor Bahru. A chinese lady & her daughter was kidnapped by a car thief together with her car in Petronas by an Indian guy. He then brought her to his friend’s area and gang raped them. Whole night! The next day dropped them in a shopping complex and flee with the car. So, in this case his intention was to steel the car. But he got a bonus idea of raping her after stealing the car.

    Another incident. 2 indian girls were riding back home from work. A lorry hit them purposely and a gang of indian guys kidnapped one of the girls. Then gang raped her whole night. All the 5 guys were caught by police the next day. In the gang, the youngest boy’s age was 12 years old. What the hell is this? In which category do you want to put these guys? HUMAN BEING?

    Hello INDIANS! Wake up! Before you blame Malaysian Government for racial issue, look at yourself first. If wanna take example of a multiracial country with close bond, then choose criminals. Especially our Indian Criminals who rob, rape & murder multi racial people mostly of their own race, INDIAN. I see them co-operative when fighting for Indian rights in Malaysia. But in real life? Are they co-operative enough among themselves? An Indian’s happiness is a fall of another Indian. Its my real life experience over few hundreds of Indians that i mixed with.

    Kugan’s death is a jackpot for HINDRAF to provoke people to go against government. I dont think members of HINDRAF is really concerned and sad about Kugan’s death. They are happy that they got a bonus point to create more problem for the government. I wonder they dont mind killing Indian guys and put the blame on the government. They dont care how many headcounts of death, either Indian or other race. The only thing they want is to topple government and create racial issue in the country.

    So for our future and our kids’ future, please stop fighting for your luxury rights in Malaysia. The rights you have right now is more than a enough for a migrant race. If you all open your narrow mind & compare Malaysia with other countries, then it would be a heaven for you. I Love Malaysia!!!! Cheers…

  6. Dude Indian,

    I disagree with almost everything you said man! To start with,this is not a indian issue for me but a human issue!! I dont care if it was intentional or accidental but reality is he died in custody which equates to murder! Period!

    About luxury rights..where have you been man? Its not luxury rights that the indians are after but equal rights. As long as you are content with what you have, you leave your self exposed to getting exploited! Im no migrant a 3rd generation Malaysian and we are a young nation soo im Malaysian! Unless you moved to Malaysia from India bout a week ago, you have some serious soul searching to do my friend!

    My 2 cents;)

  7. I think the “Indian” is nothing but a one hit wonder! I hope that he comes by to engage in a healthy conversation because im very interested to know what his thoughts are, other than the obvious comfort zone that he is in now

  8. I wish to know who The king. If u wish to debete with the indian anytime u can debate with me becouse I’m AJK pemuda for kepong PKR and brother in Ketua Pemuda in Kepong. The king message is nothing about this issue about Kugan case. Pls remember Malay, chinese and Indian all are malaysian. This issue happens to a Malaysian Indian in Malaysian. Police have no rigth to hit anyone but only have the rigth to self defence. This case about abuse of power and this is commen case in malaysia for past 50 years and now afther 50 years the malaysian as awake ecspecially chinese and indian and i hope the chg will happen before 2012.tq

  9. Abi i would like to ask what goverment did to solve kugan case. Syed amit albar is only only try to treaten the opposition and the MIC member for the human rigth issues they brougth up for Kugan case. If you say would the police covince kugan from admiting the case without beting him then how would the singapore police can make the criminal to admit what the offence. I think malaysian police should drink singapore police urine. I think if Hindraf doest not involve in this case, the 10 murderer who abuse their power will not even been questioned. Please stop calling Kugan criminal becouse even Malaysian and Internation Law says “No Person is criminal Before Proven guilty in court”.tq

  10. Mr. Ghana, thank you for your note.

    Mr. Ghana, your right on the spot about the duty of the police is to upheld the justice of the nation and not brutality muder an innocent civilian before he is proven guilty. Our nation is corrupt to the core. To stop this we need a better community – an educated one.

    The Indians in Malaysia are not on the same plane. They are segregated by caste and wealth. The rich keeps amassing more wealth and forget their roots and the poor are left to suffer for themselves. We need a concerted action. We need to support HINDRAF. Write more and talk to people, not only in urban areas but also in suburban and in villages. Make them understand the need to be One – that’s when our voice will be heard. Change will come and it must come soon.

    Before the dawn handovers to dusk and before the Indians can see a better future in Malaysia, we, the youth need to change. We need to change for the better. Educate ourselves, stop wasting money – drinking, smoking, clubbing, breaking 1001 during Thaipusam and etc, threat each Indians with respect and assist our brethren to success and not be jealous of it. All this can only happen with the youth today. The older generation is too embroiled with outdated religious rituals and they fear change.

    The King would like to hear Mr. Ghana’s take on this and would also like to know his activities as AJK Pemuda PKR.

    Anyhow, The King vehemently disagrees with “Indian”, as he has given some unfounded reasons for the brutality.

    The King

  11. I also agree with The king previous statement. I also would like to ask The King why he is vehemently disagrees with “Indian”?. If u want The King want to ask anything about the activities, pls ask and i am glad to answer. Tne rich people always never look behind their past and never even help the needy but the YBs and the goverment should debate this issues is the Parliment and give some extra benafits for the poors and needy.Tq

  12. Everyone make minor mistake and that is life. I alsoapologizes for some minor mistakes in spelling and grammer in the above reply to The King…

  13. so…. what is best solution resolving such issues not repeatly happening to another victim such has happened to kugan case. my point of view is not make assumption with proven of guilty.tq

  14. Is ‘Indian’ trying to give us the rundown on how an interrogation needs to be done? Like we do not know that already..

    Wait till he is on the receiving end on an interrogation when he is wrongfully charged of a crime he did not make. A person is innocent until proven guilty beyond any doubt.

    I’m not patronising anyone, or any race for that matter but to justify the end by all means simply does not cut it when it is supposedly ‘the law upholders’ that are doing it.

    This is a human being’s right for all humanity’s sake!

    And what is he mumbling about all prisoners being treated equally?? I don’t even know where to begin with this one..

    This is simply the case of a delusional person.

  15. Sam\Asir why are u saying the indian trying to run u down. Pls do not use that kind off word in and open forun. Pls explain why u use such a word? Pls read the forum properly before add an comment. All human being need to hande By the World Human rigth Law.tq

  16. The person who died in the custody is an indian and same usually happen to all the races. Who is mumbling, let say what we will do if this happen in our family do we shut up and sit in one place. If they knoe, why they supporting the unlawfull act by the police. If Hindraf,PKR,MIC and other NGO never provoke on this his dead closed as ussual. If they know, what francis Udayapan case, then why MIC shut up in that metter and the AG of Police supported the police who killed the.
    In malaysia police are license gangster in malaysia.tq

  17. Malaysian goverment and police should Learn from UK,US and SG to how to handle suspect who is under seksyes 117 and 114.They are not crimimal and they are not animal becouse they have not proven guilty. Even the food are terible like even a dog never eat.BY hitting them, the only thing will happen is even a person never did a crime will admit becouse of the pain. The royal commisition book also useless is they do not increased the power of Human Rigth in malaysia such as in erope.tq

  18. JO how can u say either I am n indian or my body there is boiling indian BLOOD.i am damm angry 4 wat they did to kugan.4 me tis is not an normal issues. Tell me why u ask this question? Are u a an true true indian or not?

  19. The King’s intend was to know if you were the commentator identified as “Indian”. One does not need to be an Indian to fight for justice.

    The King is neither an Indian, Chinese, Malay or other race but a Malaysian. Everyone deserves equal rights and equal access to the wealth of the nation. That’s what The King is trying to fight for through awareness creation.

    The King

  20. I agree with the King, you can be indian,chinese or malay..It doesnt matter. If it was a malay or chinese brother in this situation, i would react the exact same way!

    Its important that we stop whining and start practicing what we preach! We are Malaysians and that’s what its about!

    Who is the “indian” commentator above? I personally would really like to know what he meant in his comment! Rather not jump to any conclusion before clarifying :)

  21. Its true what king say. We need KeAdIlan for every body and every race. I never said only Indian deserve the rigth. This Kugan issues need to brougth up by Hindraf,Keadilan and MIC becouse Kugan is an indian and UNMO will try to cover up this thing.tq

  22. and yet we are still with the race rhetorics based on what is being said via the comments here.

    If all were to be following the ‘Human Rights Law’, this never would’ve happened. And yet it happened is it not?

    Btw Ghana, ‘rundown’ is not meant in a literal means steps designed to address a specific area in depth, in this case an interrogation. –

    Why so sensitive?

  23. Because the question that king ask are so sensitive. I suggest that All the member of DAP, PKR, PAS, SUAKOM, PKM, MIC, HINDRAF, PATALI, PSM, POLICE WATCH and ECT, should write a Memorandum to The UN counsel, International Human Right counsel, US White House, EU and all other international counsel, saying that those union should interfere in Malaysian Human Right and Give its power to ensure the abuse of power in Malaysian because it is a democratic country.tq

  24. HIi Scorpio ! Most of the Tamillans and also Malaysian have wake up with their idea but only a minor majority of people did not wake yet in Malaysia.The only negetive part about our people is their afraid to protest agains the goverment and police. I am very happy to ear from a true tamilan like Scorpio. Pls view, and also view is youtube to know how much rakyat malaysian start to rise up and show their disatisfation.tq

  25. ematian Kugan: Anggota polis akan didakwa esok
    30/09/2009 11:09pm

    KUALA LUMPUR 30 Sept. — Seorang anggota polis, V.Navindran akan didakwa di Mahkamah Sesyen Petaling Jaya esok berhubung kematian seorang tahanan polis, A. Kugan, kata Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail.

    Katanya, Navindran akan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 331 Kanun Keseksaan kerana dengan sengaja menyebabkan kecederaan teruk bagi mendapatkan pengakuan dari si mati,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

    Seksyen 331 itu membawa hukuman penjara untuk satu tempoh yang boleh dilanjutkan sehingga 11 tahun dan boleh didenda jika didapati bersalah. – Bernama

    Conclusion……Human brutality does not come from what race you are, political party or government organization….it is an incorrect behavior when men tend to use their emotional feeling rather than their brains for judgment……enough said.

  26. Hi,Great blog dude! i am Tired of using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Do you considered putting video to the blog to keep the people more interested?I think it works.Sincerely, Cary Crescenzo

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