Are you harassed by Microsoft for installing the pirated version of Windows on your pc? Do you receive the annoying pop up box that reminds you that you have a fake version and need to get a genuine version of the operating system! Ive got a fix for your!!

There are 2 ways of fixing this problem.

1) Why the heck are you still using a pirated version when you have other options in Linux? There are so many different free versions our there which are superb and since you ut don’t think that you should be paying for it, use a free version. Head over to thedaneshprojects or the other million blogs out there that can help you out!.Its a Microsoft product that they sell and using a pirated version is stealing!

You dont need to steal!

2) You can continue to use your pirated version and use hacks like THIS one and hope that Microsoft don’t find a way to combat the hack and you don’t get busted for using a pirated version.

I would go for option 1 ,but its really up to you :)

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