I was at the movie premier of Dark Night at the New Boutique Cinema at the Gardens Midvalley last week .I didn’t know that GSC had a theater at the Gardens till i got these premier tickets.

The security for the movie was extremely tight with no electronic devices being allowed into the cinema, I had to deposit my mobile phone and Valcy had to even deposit her iPod to the security.You couldn’t blame them for those measures considering the level of privacy that’s prevalent here, but then again i don’t think that those distributing these movies get their copies from movie premiers,because movies hit the pasar malam shelves long before the premiers are shown! We were given little tickets to collect them after the movie. At the cinema, we were given air filled pop corn and water as well.

I have been waiting to watch Dark Night for a while now even more after the death of Heath Ledger early this year. There were stories saying that the actor was having some major depression issues and was too wound up with his role as the joker in the movie.

My view of the movie… It was brilliant! Heath Ledger stole the show with his superb performance as the joker. He defiantly made the role his with a superb psycho performance with Christian Bale,Aaron Eckhart,Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman doing a great job as well. This movie is a must watch and i wont reveal too much as its not been shown at the local theaters yet! How good was it? I just cant watch night movies on weekdays, normally end up sleeping off but i was wide awake throughout this one! :)

Watch the trailer below


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