Charge By Race


Signing up for an exclusive Club membership has never been this weird. Apparently there are golf clubs that are charging new members based on the colour of their skin!

I remember looking for jobs in the newspaper classified and i see jobs that says “Chinese ONLY” or even jobs that boldly advertise that they want only a certain race. I felt that it was horrible that they were allowed to advertise in the first place. IĀ don’tĀ understand the logic, if the job requires for you to speak a certain language , i can understand it. In that case, the language pre-requisite should be highlighted but the way its done is nothing but pure racism for me.

The below has been circulating on social networks recently. Apparently it’s from KGNS- Kelab Golf Negara Subang . Searched on the website but there was no pricing by race but this could be a hard copy. If its true, its shocking and I sure hope that some serious action is taken against them.

I for one am hoping that it’s a hoax! What do you think?

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