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A good heat map of countries where bloggers are active in providing the masses the info(which mainstream tend to not talk about).There are strong signs of Malaysia as being a active nation for bloggers to speak their mind.For me at least it spells good news as those who are on the internet do have access to the real deal, hopefully some day the mainstream will be too!!

This world heatmap shows the kind of attention each country gets in the blogging community. For instance, more bloggers like to talk about events in a country that’s painted in red vis-a-vis some country or region painted in orange or yellow.


From blogging to traditional media – the following heatmaps of the world suggest how much each country of the world gets covered by popular mainstream media outlets like The New York Times and The Economist.

The Economist:


Gilles Bruno and Nicolas Kayser Bril started this project to illustrate how selective are newspapers in their coverage of world news. They now plan to update these maps daily to put more pressure on newspapers into covering more diverse and international news.


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  1. very interesting topic u have here Abi..hope this will put more pressure on the local media
    s too..

    oh well, i must be kiddin myself having said that ;p

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