Since I started blogging seriously I found my self visiting heaps of websites everyday. Most websites talk about Making Money,Daily Rants and Politics. Then we have websites that serves niches. These are not exactly the easiest websites to maintain. IT requires extensive research and since you will be serving a specific niche, these visitors know their stuff messing around!

Want to know more about Alan?

This is my first proper review of a site that I subscribe too. .Alan calls him self a self thought Google junkie that runs his own business in his home in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. His blog mostly contain interviews of designers,street artist,fashion icons from all over the world.At first I honestly thought that his interviews were plugged from other sources but lately when I contacted Alan to find out,he reveleaved that most these interviews are conducted by him via email/instant messenger .I think its awesome!! These are the likes of Logan Hicks,Reka One and whole lot of other icons.

**Btw ..he designed his own theme and received plaudits for his superb job Here,Here,Here,Here,Here & Here. Not bad eh :)

Upcoming Events

Alan will be featuring at the Get Mooving Movable Art 2008 at Palate Pallete, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur on the 2nd of March .He will be featuring amongst a line-up of local and international designers .If you are around the area of have nothing to do on that day make sure to swing by.For more info visit

Alan offers many different services from web designs,T-Shirts,Printing,Posters and so much more!! Best if you see his work your self and watch this guy go…Matter of time before he is a icon himself :)

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