Digi : Garmin Asus A10

My next review gadget has checked in. I will be reviewing the Asus Garmin A10 which is being offered by Digi. Its a very interesting phone with the Garmin tie up. I will not be doing any reserch before my postings as i want to test it out first hand and review it based on my experience.

I think my opinions will be very different if i knew a thing or two more but where’s the fun in that! Lets try something a little different.

Its a interesting device, a navigational device cum smartphone .. Should be interesting! Digi already has the A10 on their suite of offerings. Or you could give me a week and ill be back with a few postings about the hardware and my findings :)

How to authorize computer for iPhone 4 Apps

Have you tried to sync your iphone 4, it comes up with an error message about the application saying they couldn’t be added because it wasn’t an authorized computer. in order to fix iphone sync error, you should change computer authorization.

Its very easy to do, Login to your iTunes account on the other computer and then click Store >> Authorize computer from the top drop down menus.

*You can only authorize 5 computers at any one time

You should be able to sync,back-up or update your software now!

iPhone 4 : Show The Battery Percentage Indicator

Useful to have your battery indicator reflecting balance left in percentage. I was looking it for a while but it was hidden but managed to find it .Its better than having just a image of the battery and playing a guessing game to find out how much is left till you get the notification that there is 20% left.

How? Easy…

Settings > General > Usage > Turn ON Battery Percentage

Hope this was helpful :)